.NET Fusion
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14. Further Information

14.1 Books

Applied Microsoft .NET Framework Programming, Jeff Richter, 2002, Microsoft Press, ISBN 0-7356-1442-9

This book gives the details about how to use .NET versioning, applying strong names, publisher policy files and Fusion in general.

Inside Microsoft .NET IL Assembler, Serge Lidin, 2002, Microsoft Press, ISBN 0-7356-1547-0

This lists the details of the assembly file formats.

Programming with Managed Extensions for Microsoft Visual C++ .NET 2003, second edition, Richard Grimes, 2003, Microsoft Press, ISBN 0-7356-1782-1

This book gives details about PE file formats, loading assemblies and Fusion configuration.

.NET Framework Security, Brian A. LaMacchia, Sebastian Lange, Matthew Lyons, Rudi Martin, Kevin T. Price, 2002, Addison Wesley, ISBN 0 672 32184 X

This gives the details of how assemblies are verified and validated.

The Common Language Infrastructure Annotated Standard, James S. Miller, Susann Ragsdale, 2004, Addison Wesley, 0-321-15493-2

This is also available as part of the .NET SDK. It is useful as a guide to how .NET works and gives details of the PE assembly files.

14.2 Blogs

I don't really read blogs, but it was suggested to me that there are some good blogs out there that here's a few that I've looked at and I have to say they are great resources.

Suzanne Cooke

Suzanne is a Microsoft PM and her blogs cover the CLR loader.



Jungfeng Zhang

From the Fusion team:


Alan Shi

Again, from the Fusion team:



13.4 Links


This link gives a list of the undocumented unmanaged API access to the GAC.

I hope that you enjoy this tutorial and value the knowledge that you will gain from it. I am always pleased to hear from people who use this tutorial (contact me). If you find this tutorial useful then please also email your comments to mvpga@microsoft.com.

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