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Filofax Personal Templates

The following PDF files contain tables of information that you may find useful. Two versions are provided, A4 and Letter size. The pages are designed for Filofax Personal organisers where each page is 95 x 171 mm.


  1. Download the template for the paper size of your printer.
  2. Print the template.
  3. Using scissors or a guillotine cut along the light grey lines, to cut the paper down to Filofax Personal size.
  4. Using a Filofax hole punch, or equivalent, punch holes where indicated.
  5. If the template is the wide version, then fold the page taking care not to fold over the punched holes.
  6. Insert pages in your organiser and consult regularly!


Description A4 Letter
ASCII character set. This wide format template contains two pages. Each page has a table with the first 127 ASCII characters and the value of each character. The first page gives hexadecimal values and the second page gives decimal values.
Units and conversion. This template contains two single pages. The first page lists imperial units. The second page lists conversion factors between imperial units and SI units.
International alphabet. This template contains a single page listing the international alphabet (Alpha, Bravo, Charlie...)
periodic table. This wide format template contains a single coloured page with the periodic table.

I will add more templates to this page as I create them. Please use the contacts page to contact me for any requests.

If you find these templates useful then please consider making a donation through Paypal:

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(c) 2009 Richard Grimes