Richard Grimes
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Richard Grimes obtained a BSc in Physics (II(i) hons) from Nottingham University in 1986 and then went on to do research at Nottingham University on two and three dimensional semiconductor structures (including research at the Max Planck Institute in Grenoble and the High Magnetic Field Laboratory at Nijmegen University). Richard was awarded a PhD in 1990 for his thesis "Far Infrared Studies of III-V and II-VI 2 and 3 Dimensional Semiconductors". He followed up this research with a post-doctoral research position at Nottingham on semimagnetic II-VI semiconductors (in collaboration with the University of Hull). During his time at Nottingham, Richard built the far infra red laboratory at Nottingham. He had the responsibility for laser and cryogenic systems and high sensitivity electrical measurements. Richard wrote all of the data acquisition and analysis software for this laboratory. After his post-doc Richard continue to work for Nottingham University on a contractual basis writing further data acquisition and analysis software for the photoluminescence laboratory, FIR spectroscopy laboratory and the Hall measurement laboratory. Richard also wrote the semiconductor database for the NUMBERS Molecular Beam Epitaxy facility at Nottingham.

In 1993 Richard joined Oxford Computer Training as a systems trainer giving courses in C, C++, MFC and Visual Basic. During this time Richard trained many clients including Oracle, the UN Atomic Energy Agency and gave train the trainer courses for Microsoft UK. In 1994 Richard joined Parallax Solutions (now part of Keane Inc) as a Technical Architect. Richard worked on the BPMS/DiSCUS point of sale application for Rover Cars (and BMW). This project was a distributed application running on over 500 sites in the UK and Europe. 

In 1997 Richard published his first book for Wrox Press "Professional DCOM Programming". In 1998 Richard left Parallax to write full time, producing books on COM, ATL, MTS and COM+. During this time Richard started writing articles and speaking at developer conferences in the US, Australia and Europe. In 2002 his first book on .NET was published by Addison Wesley (now translated into 4 languages), and later that year, and the following year, Microsoft Press published editions of his book on Managed C++.

Richard was awarded Microsoft MVP status for VC++ in 1999, and every year since, for his voluntary contributions to the online developer community.

Richard gives one day seminars on .NET (introduction and systems level) and 3 or 5 day structures training sessions on .NET. Richard also gives consultancy and mentoring in .NET development.

Richard's email address vasb@evpuneqtevzrf.pbz is encoded with ROT13 (use to decode it).

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