18 July 2009

Richard's Garden

Planted broccoli (5 plants). Harvested the shallots.
Update 19 July 2009: Planted broccoli (5 plants).

Harvested some of the potatoes, these are the results so far:

Charlotte These are salad potatoes. They were large and tasted very good.
Epicure These are floury potatoes. They were quite large and were good for baking and roasting.
Vivaldi These are salad potatoes. They tasted fine, but they were not very productive, with most of them very small.  (This may be because the plot is not particularly fertile).

Broccoli Claret
The Pak Choi was a failure.  Quite apart by slug damage (which is avoidable) they seem to be attacked by some other insects. I don't know quite what is causing this. The photos above show this damage. The top image shows a Pak Choi plant, the lower picture is an enlargement. The edge of this leaf clearly shows slug damage, the rest of the leaf has small holes. There is no obvious insect that is causing this. No caterpillars, no beetles. I had no choice other than to remove them and plant broccoli in the same place.

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