4 April 2007

Richard's Garden

Planted two rows of Premiere, 5 potatoes per row.
Premiere (First Early)
Year: 1979. Resistance to blight, potato cyst nematode, good resistance to spraing virus (tobacco rattle virus). High yield.
The picture to the right shows how I have planted the potatoes. I dug a trench 15cm deep and then broke up the 15cm at the bottom and mixed it with grass cuttings. This is an attempt to reduce the effects of scab, which is supposed to attack the grass rather than the potato. Then I sprinkled calcified seaweed and then covered it over with 10cm of garden compost. Within the compost I placed the seed potato making sure there was a light covering of compost. I then filled in the trench with the soil that I had dug out.
I have dug two trenches 75cm apart and for earlies I space the potatoes 20cm apart; for maincrop I space the potatoes 30cm apart.
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