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I have been elected a governor of the South Warwickshire General Hospitals Foundation Trust and I represent the constituency of Warwick District and Borders. The constituency covers Kenilworth and the surrounding villages. The area is shown as light green on the map below.

(Linked from the South Warwickshire General Hospitals Trust website.)

A Foundation Trust is part of the NHS. It upholds the principles of the NHS, that is treatment is given on a clinical basis and is free at the point of delivery. Each Foundation Trust consists of members, members are anyone over the age of 16 that live in the area covered by the trust. Applying for membership is as simple as filling in a form. Members elect the public governors. The 14 elected public governors, along with five elected staff governors and seven appointed governors (nominated by partner organisations) comprise the Council of Governors. The Board of Directors and the Chief Executive of the Foundation Trust are accountable to the Council of Governors.

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