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The following is the personal statement that I submitted for the election to governor

I have had type 1 diabetes for over 30 years and this has brought me into contact with several departments within the Trust, both attending outpatient clinics and as a day surgery patient. Over the time that I have been attending clinics at Warwick Hospital I have seen many improvements, and I wish to see the Trust continue to build upon these.

I am passionate about maintaining the principles upon which the NHS was founded. That is, to provide universal care for all, based upon clinical need, and to be free at the point of delivery. I believe that through the NHS everyone has the right to receive the best possible healthcare and that the NHS should shape its services for the needs and preferences of individual patients. If elected as a governor I will hold the Trust to these principles and ensure that the Trustís actions are always to the benefit of the community.

As an experienced technology writer and journalist I have an eye for detail and a persistence to get to the root of the issue. These are qualities that I will use to good effect in the role of governor, where I will ensure that the Trustís strategies comply with the NHS founding principles. I am approachable with a readiness to contribute. I am an experienced public speaker, and will be happy to act as an advocate for the Trust to audiences large and small.

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