Professional ATL COM Programming
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ISBN: 1-86100-140-1
Richard Grimes

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Chapter 1: COM Wrapper Classes

COM Interface Management, Interface Access, Strings, VARIANTs, Exceptions, ATL as a COM Client

Chapter 2: ATL Architecture

IUnknown Implementation, Object Map, Class Factory Support, Module Entry Point Support, Registration, Creating Objects ith CComObject<>

Chapter 3: Interfaces

Wizard Generated Interfaces, Tear-off Interfaces, Interface Guidelines, The IDispatch Interfcace, Multiple Dual Interface, Dispinterfaces, Micellany

Chapter 4: The ATL Object Wizard

AppWizard, Object Wizard, Standard Objects, Creating a Custom Object Wizard

Chapter 5: Class Factories

Creating Objects, The Default ATL Class Factories

Chapter 6: Debugging and Error Handling

Trace Messages, Asserting, HRESULTs, Error Objects, Interface Checking and Reference Count Debugging, Other Visual C++ Debugging Features

Chapter 7: Threading and Marshaling

Threading and COM, Threading Models in ATL, Marshalling

Chapter 8: Connection Points

Connection Points, Other Issues, Event Sources, Event Sinks, Connection Points over DCOM

Chapter 9: ATL Window Classes

Windows Terminology, Message Maps, The Windows Procedure, Window Classes

Chapter 10: ActiveX Controls

CCOControl<> and CCOMControlBase, Properties, Persistence, Which Property Interface to Use?, Drawing and Metafiles, Other Control Issues, Object Wizard Control Types

Chapter 11: HTML Controls

The HTML ATL Control, Internet Explorer, Internet Explorer Host Classes, Creating an HTML Control

Appendix A: C++ Templates

Why Templates, Expression Arguments for Templates

Appendix B: C++ Features used by ATL

Templates for Parameterized Types, The Impl Trick, Templates to Make Abstract Classes Concrete

Appendix C: ATL Collection and Enumerator Templates

Implementing Enumeration Interfaces, ATL Collections


(c) 2006 Richard Grimes