ATL Programmer's Reference
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ISBN: 1-86100-249-1
Richard Grimes

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This book is divided into two halves. The first half describes how to use ATL using an example developed over a series of chapters. The second half categorizes the features of ATL 3.0 into a series of appendices.

Chapter One: ATL and COM

Templates to parameterize code, The Impl Technique, Making abstract classes concrete, Initializing parameters, Templates as namespaces, Other template features, Multiple inheritance features, ATL and threading, Class factories, Interface implementation, IUnkown, Registration

Chapter Two: ATL Wizards

The App Wizard, The Object Wizard

Chapter Three: Creating Objects

Object creation, Creatable and non-creatable objects, Class factories,

Chapter Four: Automation

IDispatch and Type Libraries, Error Objects, Connection Points, Connection points and DCOM, Implementing dispinterfaces

Chapter Five: OLE DB

ATL Consumer Templates, OLE DB Consumers, Accessors, Parameters, Bookmarks

Chapter Six: Windows and Controls

Windows, Creating a Window, Windows Messages, Common Controls, Writing Windows Procedures, Subclassing and superclassing, Control, Drawing controls, Resizing controls, Properties and Persistence

Appendix A: ATL Maps

Appendix B: Registration

Appendix C: ATL.DLL

Appendix D: ATL Wizards

Appendix E: Object Wizard

Appendix F: Enumerators and Collections

Appendix G: Class Factories and Aggregation

Appendix H: ATL Threading

Appendix I: OLE DB Consumer Classes and Macros

Appendix J: Windows and Controls

Appendix K: Smart Pointers and Other Wrapper Classes

Appendix L: Debugging Support

Appendix M: String Conversions

(c) 2006 Richard Grimes