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About Me

I am a technical writer; I have written seven paper books and one e-book, 150 articles (feature articles and as a columnist) and written five training courses. I am also a public speaker and given 70 conference talks at conferences from Australia to the US.

I am a twice-elected Foundation Trust governor at South Warwickshire Foundation Trust. The role involves ensuring - from a governance point of view - that the trust provides quality care while remaining within budget. I am involved as a patient representative at South Warwickshire Clinical Commissioning Group, providing a patient voice in secondary and community care commissioning. I also attend the Warwickshire Health and Wellbeing Board as a patient to monitor how the County Council are providing democratic legitimacy to the NHS.


Windows 7 has a wealth of new features for C++ developers. Hilo is a series of articles published on MSDN Library that explain how to program these features. Read the article list here.

What is COM? There is too much misinformation out there so I thought I would explain what makes code COM code. Read the article here.

Free conversion tables for organisers. I have created PDF documents formatted for Filofax Personal organisers that you can print. More...

I have started blogging about .NET 4.0 and Visual Studio 2010. You can find this on my Blogspot site Richard Grimes on .NET.

My Garden

I am chronicling the work that I do on my garden's vegetable patch. Please have a look at this page to see the work I have done recently.


Do you know this man? His name is Bernard Spiegler and the photograph was taken on the 29th June 1933 when he was a clerk for the Shanghai Waterworks Company Ltd.

Under the Japanese occupation of the Shanghai International Settlement Bernard gave his nationality as either stateless or Romanian. Romania was not at war with Japan, so when many Europeans and Americans were interned in 1943, Bernard was not interned. I know that he was still in Shanghai in 1945.

I think that Bernard Spiegler must be in his mid-twenties to early thirties in this photo so I suspect that he must have been born sometime between 1900 and 1910. Bernard was a friend of my grandfather and I would like to contact him, or more likely, his descendants.

If you know Bernard Spiegler, please could you contact me via the contacts page and we can share information about him.


.NET and Vista. Last year I posted a page about my analysis of Vista's use of .NET expressing my concerns. Earlier this year I took it down. I have now posted it again and you can read it here and learn why I say that Vista is a four percent managed operating system.

New .NET Workshop! Following on from Richard's highly popular and lauded Fusion and Security Workshops, the Instrumentation workshop explains in detail how to add instrumentation to your application. 

Is .NET secure? .NET has the huge benefits of code access security, a managed heap and a managed stack. .NET systems have been the target of viruses, but as this article shows, there have been very few of them. The article presents an analysis of the .NET viruses to date and explains the vulnerabilities that they exploit. It also gives some advice on how to avoid these vulnerabilities. Exploits and Vulnerabilities of .NET.

Is .NET a mere wrapper around Win32? Well, not entirely. Most of the framework library is managed code, and only a small proportion is calls to unmanaged code. However, in this article you will discover that successive versions of the framework library have got proportionally more unmanaged. The current version of the .NET library (2.0) is the worst so far in terms of the number of calls it makes to unmanaged code and the second worst in terms of the number of methods implemented in unmanaged code. Is .NET A Wrapper Around Win32?

Is managed code slower than native code? Your gut feeling says that it should be, but only a proper analysis of timings will give you the answer. You might be surprised at the results. Is Managed Code Slower Than Unmanaged Code?

Central Banks around the world are using a simple mechanism to try and defeat counterfeiters. This article explains how this mechanism works and questions if it can work. Copy Protection on Currency.


Fusion Workshop: Learn how .NET locates and loads assemblies. This tutorial takes you through all aspects of .NET fusion and illustrates the points using examples that you can compile and run.

Security Workshop: The most important reason for .NET is security. The framework and library have been written bottom up with security in mind. This tutorial takes you through the security API and configuration and explains the concepts using examples.

Instrumentation Workshop: Instrumentation is used to provide debugging and logging information to your application. This tutorial explains all of the facilities that .NET offers and gives their strengths and weaknesses.

Configuration FAQ: .NET configuration is misunderstood by many .NET developers. This FAQ addresses many of the issues.


I have been awarded Microsoft Most Valuable Professional status for every year from 1999 until 2007.


I enjoy writing the information on this site, but it does take time and I have to pay my mortgage. If you appreciate my work and want to show that appreciation in a financial way then please donate through my Paypal account. No donation is too small.

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